Thank you for your interest in the Access 2 Card Program. Some frequently asked questions are below:

Q. Can I purchase online or advance tickets with my Access 2 card?

In most cases, no. Each venue determines their own policies regarding purchasing advance tickets (online or in-person) using an Access 2 card. Please check with the individual venues. NOTE: Cineplex does not permit online tickets to be purchased with an Access 2 card.

Q. Can one person have multiple Access 2 cards?

No. Each applicant is only permitted to have one valid Access 2 card.

Q. Do I need to present the physical card at participating venues?

Yes. The physical card must be presented. A barcode number, photocopy or picture of the card will not suffice.

Q. I have lost my Access 2 card. What do I do?

Lost Access 2 cards must be paid for again. Please click the “Get Your Card” tab to learn more.

Q. How long does it take to receive my Access 2 card?

Allow up to four weeks after sending in your application to receive your card. Please refrain from contacting us to check the status of your application. We will contact you if there is a problem with your application.

Q. Will you accept any other forms (diagnosis forms etc.) in place of Section C?

No other materials can be accepted in place of Section C.